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About Us

About Our Clinic

When Medicines Fails, Try Alternate.

Trusted by thousands of patients, we are the pioneers in providing comprehensive & effective treatments, without medicines for pain management services. Treatment for all major chronic pain conditions like back pain, slipped disc, sciatic pain, spinal arthritis, spinal fracture / osteoporosis, neck pain / cervical, knee pain / arthritis, shoulder pain, neuralgic pain, diabetic neuropathy, headaches and chronic stomach / pelvic pain etc. is provided at our centre.

We provide doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who have passed our rigorous hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge verified by senior doctors.

Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to medicine that utilizes both western and eastern techniques to effectively relieve discomfort and restore the body to full function and mobility.

Our multidisciplinary treatment program is custom-tailored for each individual patient, using a combination of methods including physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and pain management. Our patients know that when they come to Global Pain & Spine Clinic, they'll receive treatment that is customized to their unique symptoms and circumstances and is proven to get positive results.

Global Pain And Spine Clinic, Kanpur | Dr. Rajneesh Tripathi

Why Choose Us

We provide conservative and effective care that is affordable, allowing the patients to get back to doing what they love.
Whether you have had a recent injury, or have been experiencing symptoms for a long time; whether you are an athlete or not; young or old; our team will help you achieve your goals, and get you back to the activities you enjoy.
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Dr. Rajneesh Tripathi, one of the best physiotherapist in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, uses advanced technology and equipment to heal the pain of patients at his physiotherapy centre in Kanpur.

Dr. Rajneesh Tripathi

Expert Physio Therapist & Acupunturist (Director)

Know Your Specialist

"Our aim to help people to remove their pain and our ultimate goal to create a pain free world."

Avoiding major spine surgery is the major goal while managing your spine related pain. It is good to know that almost 75% patients can avoid the surgery & get back to their normal life within few days/weeks of treatment.

Whether long-lasting or recently developed, pain can interfere with the quality of your life, restricting activity and even causing you to become depressed.

Our goal at the Global Pain & Spine Clinic is to identify the source of your pain, alleviate or ease the pain and teach you to manage it so you can return to a normal, productive life-style as soon as medically possible.

We believe that when you understand the nature of your pain, you are better prepared to manage it.

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How We Work

On your first visit, we’ll spend some time talking to go over your needs, expectations, and lifestyle. Then we’ll do a full examination to look at posture and mobility as well as your muscles, joints, spine, and nervous system. From there, we will work together to create a specific plan to help you heal and reach your goals. Your plan is fluid.

Each follow up visit may be different and depends on how your body responds to treatment and where you’re at that day. Not to worry, you’ll be treated on your first visit!

Global Pain And Spine Clinic, Kanpur | Dr. Rajneesh Tripathi
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